Growth Mindset at Baldragon Academy

Dundee's Growth Mindset Partnership is working with people involved in learning, health, and wellbeing, sport and culture and employability to test new techniques for developing growth mindsets in young people. At Baldragon Academy we are excited about this project and the potential impact it can have on our learners both in and out of school.
Strathmartine Ward Growth Mindset Information Leaflet
This leaflet provides information on the Growth Mindset Project we are engaged with, as well as some references and links to further support and information.
Study Skills - Information for Parents and Carers
On 2nd March 2016, as part of our Growth Mindset Parent and Carers Event, Ms Burnett (PT Physics) delivered this useful presentation to give you ideas on how you can support your child with revision and studying. If the direct link fails you can access the presentation in the Learning at Home, Revision folder of the Parents and Carers section our site.
Parents and Carers Growth Mindset Presentation
This presentation was given to the Parents and Carers who attended our Growth Mindset event on 2nd March 2016. Created and delivered by PT English Mr Montgomery, the presentation provides the background and aims we have as we develop our Growth Mindset culture within school and the wider community.