Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) IT Systems
You should have been sent this term an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for IT systems in school. This form must be signed by both pupil and parent / carer. Using IT is an integral part of learning so it is essential that all families have read, understood and agreed to the protocols of IT use in school. Therefore, we ask these forms are returned as soon as possible if you have not already done so. If you did not receive one of these forms, replacement copies are available by calling the school, but you can download it here on the school website. In the event that a pupil does not have a signed AUP in place there is the possibility that IT access might be removed, limiting the ability to access the curriculum in the same variety of ways as their peers.
Microsoft Student Advantage
When learning at home, for example in completing homework or through studying for tests and exams, pupils may wish to access Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft Student Advantage provides pupils with a free subscrip-tion to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. This allows them to install Microsoft Office ProPlus on up to 5 computers simultaneously. The facility is available to all pupils in Dundee schools exclusively through their Dundee Microsoft Office 365 account, and full instructions on how to access this facility can be downloaded here. Please note that use of the facility is covered by the Acceptable Use Policy, as referred to in a previous item.