Reporting to Parents Calendar 2015 - 2016

The dates for Reports being issued and Parents Evenings can be accessed here.

October 2015

S3 Interim Report

P7 Open Evening

9th October

27th October

November 2015

S4/5/6 Interim Report

S2 Interim Report

10th November

20th November

December 2015

S1 Settling in Report

S4/5/6 Parents Evening

S3 Full Report

4th December

10th December

18th December

January 2016

S3 Parents Evening

21st January

February 2016

S1 Parents Evening

S2 Parents Evening

S4/5/6 Full Report

9th February

24th February

26th February

April 2016

S1 Full Report

22nd April

May 2016

S2 Full Report

6th May

June 2016

P7 Visit Evening

7th June

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