Leadership Team


Headteacher - Mr H McAninch

Depute Headteachers -  Ms A Innes, Mrs S Low, Ms A Spence,

Acting Depute Headteachers - Mrs C Lafferty, Mr M Montgomery, Mrs H Ross

 Business Manager - Mr S Brough


Our Depute Headteachers have year head responsibilties. These are: 


S1 - Mr M Montgomery 

S2 - Mrs C Lafferty

S3 - Mrs S Lowe/Mrs H Ross

S4 - Ms A Spence

S5 - Ms A Spence

S6 - Mrs C Lafferty


If you have any pastoral concerns or queries our dedicated guidance team are your first point of contact. 

Our guidance team are: 

  • Balgay - Mr A  cArtney
  • Craigowl - Mrs C Collin(S1,S3,S4),S6) /Mrs L McCann(S2, S5)
  • Kinpurney - Ms K Smith
  • Law - Mrs J Honeyman