New Building

New Build Update - June 2016

Our gallery shows progress on our building site #excitingtimes


We have been taking some more pictures of progress towards our new building.  Despite some poor weather over the last few weeks we are really seeing things moving along swiftly and it is hard to imagine how much things might have moved on by the time we return to school in August.

Progress on site

The picture shows progress on site on a very sunny April day. We are so excited to see this progress and looking forward to our future.

Our first site visit

On Friday 20th May, Mr Hearn and Ms Lamont were able to visit the building site for a guided tour and progress report.


Our new buildings are really starting to take shape and we are so lucky to be able to remain in the current Baldragon for the duration of the build, so we can watch what is happening and be as involved as possible in the project.

We have pupils who will be doing work experience on the site,  and we are working closely with Robertson Group to engage as much of the school community with the whole project as possible. John Ritchie (Senior Project Manager) is also hoping he will be able  to provide us with site updates for future school newsletters, so parents and carers can be informed and involved as much as possible.

In the next few weeks there will be further meetings with some of our Principal Teachers and the Dundee City Council Architect and Project Management team, to ensure we have everything planned just the way we need it to be for our practical subject areas.

Our aim is to have an exceptional school with the best possibe learning environment for each and every young person who studies with us, in order that they can become the best they can be.  This is a really exciting time for the school and we hope to share many more pictures and stories about our journey over the coming weeks and months.