Baldragon's Den S1 Day

A great day was had at Baldragon this week when the S1 pupils got to spend the day finding out more about the world of work and getting to experience what it is like in different jobs.

We asked the S1 pupils to look particularly about how useful literacy skills are in different jobs and how important having a growth mindset (determination/ trying again after failing) is in the world of work.

During the day the S1 pupils got to visit different speakers, got the oppportunity to ask questions and to hear about lots of different jobs. At the end of the day they were asked to write their own "tweet" to best explain what they had learnt that day.

We are so grateful to all our visitors and staff who made this day so successful. Special thanks goes to all our visitors who gave up their time to come and speak to the pupils.

The pupils heard about being a fireman, author, illustrator, police officer, comic book illustrator, computer games designer, guide dogs trainer,yoga teacher. They also heard from Dundee Academy of Sport, our very own education department, Recyling for Scotland, and a member of the local lifeboat crew, To get an idea of just how much was going on during the day here are just a few photos from the event.

Below are just a few of the "tweets" from the pupils about the day.

" I like the guide dog one because we can donate to the blind and deaf people. Today has been the most amazing day ever. So many stations we have been to, it's all been fantastic . In the gym hall we watched Mr Campbell do his football skills and Miss Smith do her violin skills. Norrie let us do the comic books. I just want to thank you for doing this for us"

" Today i have learnt that growth mindset is a great thing, it will help you prepare for later life and I have met some extraordinary people who have been through a lot but thay had a growth mindset and got through it"

"Today I have learnt about growth mindset and that its not just adults that use it, its everyone. So never give up. Just keep trying and one day you will be successful"

"I have learnt that when you say you can't do something you mean you can't do it yet"

"I've learnt a lot today because I have shown not to give up"

"Today we learnt about growth mindset. I met a comic book artist who told me about how pople said he couldn't draw and he was terrible! but he kept trying #growthmindset"

"I have learnt that if you perservere and have a growth mindset you can accomplish alot #mindset"

"What I like about today is no-one gives up and push themselves and it was good fun"

"My favourite part of the day was drawing a comic strip because it shows it takes more than one attempt to succeed and it built our artistic skills"

"Don't touch a guide dog with a blind person. If you make a mistake you can try again . Got to do Yoga and my try new things and try and try again if you fail"




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