Exams 2018

All S4-S6 pupils will be getting information regarding the upcoming exams.

This includes the letter  giving all parents and carers details of exam time for both senior pupils who are sitting exams and those who are not.

All senior pupils being presented for at least 1 national 5 will get exam preparation leave, this will begin on Friday 4th May and ends on Tuesday 29th May (both dates inclusive). Senior pupils should return to school on Wednesday 30th May.    If any pupil has an exam out with the exam preparation period then they are permitted to prepare at home the day before the examination and will be excused from classes on the day of the examination.  This comes into effect from Tuesday 1st May 2018.   Any Pupils in S4 and S5/6 being presented at National 3 and National 4 levels do not sit a final examination and should attend school as normal throughout the SQA Examination Diet.

Another document which pupils should have which is useful is the SQA Exam Booklet

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