Pupil Support

During a pupils time in Baldragon they will be well supported by our extensive Pupil Support and Care Team which work both in class and out. You will find out more information about the different support on offer below.


Guidance Team 

Balgay: Mr A McArtney 

Craigowl: Mrs C Collin and Mr C McArtney  

Kinpurney: Miss K Smith 

Law: Mrs J Honeyman


Support for Learning Team

Support for Learning aims to make effective provision for pupils with differing aptitudes and abilities so that learners can achieve their full potential. In Support for Learning we try to create a positive, secure and caring environment in which individuals can develop in confidence and self esteem.


SFL LSA Team Transition Teachers   


Nuture and Inclusion Base

 Mrs C Lafferty PT

Ms H Whyte Mrs K Martin Mr T Gray

Mr D Murdoch

Ms G Greegan


Mr S McCarthy

Ms J Livingston


Ms G Soutar

Mrs L Hutchison


Mr A Blaney

Miss S Moutrie



Pupil Support Workers

 Aim to offer support to each and every pupils by providing a safe and welcoming environment. We offer a variety of formal and informal groups and 1:1's, as well as daily drop-ins where you can have a chance to relax and have a friendly chat over a slice of toast. Pupil Support Workers use their skills and resources to enhance the existing school curriculum by encouraging young people to participate in the life of the school.


Ms E Hamilton 

Mr G Leslie


 Health and Wellbeing Worker                


Ms Pamela Reid



School Support Workers


Mrs G Gray 

Mr R Jeffrey