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A group of 28 S1 pupils attended 2 days of anti-smoking training at Carnoustie Golf Hotel this month, having been nominated by their year group for the programme.

 The training forms part of a nationwide initiative and we are delighted that our young people have been given the opportunity to be part of it for the fourth year running.  It aims to educate them on the dangers of smoking so that they then have the confidence to have conversations with their peer group to discourage them from starting smoking.  It has proved very successful across the country.

Our pupils had lots of fun and learned huge amounts of information and strategies to help them and were a real credit to the school.  

Here are a few quotes from the pupils about the training:

“I thought the games were fun and I learned what I needed to learn quite easily” (Jack)

“The way they played games to make us learn things was really fun and interesting.  I had loads of fun and enjoyed myself” (Camryn)

“I thought the trainers did a good job and I thought the way they taught us was fun” (Aaban)

“Learning about smoking has been really interesting and will be a good help to Scotland when we are older.  I really enjoyed the communication train because I learned lots and had fun as well” (Annabel)

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