Support from Health and Well Being Worker 


I know the following weeks will push some of you to your limit with stress and anxiety with your forth coming exams. 

Deadlines, work commitments and family issues to name a few things that may stand in your way. 

I am here to help support you in any way I can. I will be in Baldragon the first week of the holidays, Monday 1st April, Tuesday 2nd April, Wednesday 3rd April and Thursday 4th April between 10am and 2pm. You can find me in the guidance room. I offer 1:1 support or if you prefer a small group setting. 

If you need support for coping strategies, relaxation techniques, EFT Tapping or just need a wee chat with a friendly ear then please remember you are NOT ALONE. 

If you prefer to have a chat out with the school the Corner has the drop-in Mon to Fri 2pm-6pm and Sat 1pm-4pm. 

In addition, I offer ongoing support next term when school resumes 15th April. Every Mon and Wed lunch time (room 0.069) and a Tues and Thurs between 4pm and 5pm (room 0.069), this will be on a walk in basis or by appointment. 

Good luck to you all.


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