42 pupils attend IMS Live concert

42 our S1 pupils had a great time at the Instrumental Music Service concert at the Caird Hall on Wednesday 3rd October.

The concert was given by all of the instrumental instructors from the city and what a fantastic hour they gave us. Pupils were introduced to the instruments of the orchestra in a fun and exciting. Thank you to everyone involved. When is the next one????

Here are some of the comments from the pupils about the event:


“I thought the performance was AMAZING in so many ways. My favourite out of all the instruments was the electric guitar.”


“It was so cool!!! I am so glad we got to go.  It was WICKED!!!!!”


“I think this experience was really FUN!!!  Thank you for having me.  My favourite part was when we sang YMCA.”


“The highlight of the trip was seeing how good people are at playing instruments and having FUN!!!!”


“I loved learning what each instrument did and how the drum kit was formed.  The choice of songs were really effective.  Thanks for having me at your orchestra!”