Baldragon Academy and RSNO Community Tea Dance

A Community Tea Dance at Kirkton Community Centre enabled generations to come together for a fantastic evening of World War 1 music, dance, poetry and hospitality.

The evening of Monday 24th March was very special as Baldragon Academy, the RSNO Dance Band and the wider community came together for an Interdisciplinary Project which was part of our music department's three year community project with the RSNO.  Prior to the final event pupils from three S1 classes (1.2,1.4 and 1.7) participated in composition workshops based on WW1.  Their music was then arranged by a professional arranger which was performed by the RSNO Dance Band at the Tea Dance.  Not only did the pupils present their compositions by highlighting the music concepts that they had incorporated but they read WW1 poetry, decorated the hall with a WW1 theme and researched and baked food related to that particular era.  Over 100 people across the generations enjoyed a fantastic evening of dancing which was led by Flyright, professional dancers, who taught us the dances.  Thank you to our Baldragon pupils who also performed during the evening.  

To view photos of the event click here.

To listen to Baldragon's Old Time Mash Up click here