Dundee Schools’ Arts Festival

Congratulations to the pupils who participated in the Arts Festival. The standard of performances was very high and you were a real credit to Baldragon Academy and to yourselves. Below is a list of the awards:


Andrew Watson   Vocal Solo Junior

Kieran Haxton    Vocal Solo Senior 

Ross Bayne    Brass Solo Advanced

Jazmine McKinlay   Woodwind Solo Intermediate

Chloe McDermott    Piano Solo Advanced

Skye McGregor    Electronic Keyboard Elementary

Catherine Butler   Electronic Keyboard Intermediate

Sara Skelly    Bagpipe Chanter Senior

Sam Graham    Pipe Band Snare Drum Senior

Baldragon String Quartet  Chamber Music Ensemble

Baldragon Orchestra   Mixed Ensemble

Sam Duncan    Rock Class Junior

Josh Feeney    Rock Class Intermediate

Kyle Wright    Electric Guitar Junior

Ross Bayne    Electric Guitar Senior

Baldragon Soul Band   Rock Band Senior

TobeNna Ogwuda   Saxophone Solo Advanced




Rianne Dammer    Vocal Solo Senior

Rianne Dammer   Tuned Orchestral Percussion

Ryan Shearer    Classical Guitar Senior

Becky Marshall    Woodwind Solo Intermediate

Kieran Haxton    Violin Solo Advanced

Ellen Leslie    Electronic Keyboard Advanced

Ronan Docherty   Bagpipe Chanter Junior

Sara Skelly    Bagpipe Chanter Senior 

Mollie Graham    Pipe Band Tenor Drum

Baldragon String Ensemble  String Ensemble

Darren Wilson    Electric Guitar Senior

Eilidh Dolan    Bass Guitar Junior




Andrew McDermott   Brass Solo Junior

Bethany Griffiths   Classical Guitar Junior

Leah Anderson    Brass Solo Junior

Amy Docherty    Piano Solo Secondary

Lynsey Isles    Viola Solo Advanced

Michael McCabe   Bagpipe Chanter Junior

Logan Garty    Rock Class Junior