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Dundee Schools Athletics

Baldragon Academy had fantastic success yesterday at the Dundee Schools Athletics.

We finished with a total of 52 medals. Our previous best haul was 29. This was an incredible year for Baldragon who finished tied with Dundee High School. Next year we will try to do even better.....

Dundee Schools Athletics Championships Boys Medalists 2015


   Gold Medals (13)

Max McIntosh (S6) – Javelin and High Jump

Ben Fraser (S5) – Long Jump

Mitchell Hay (S4) – Shot Putt

Connal Cormack (S3) – Javelin

Scott Oswald (S3) – Triple Jump

Callum McCormack (S3) – 800m and 1500m

Cameron Christie (S2) – 800m

Ryan Donald (S1) – 800m 

Nairn Bonnar (S1) – 100m and 200m

Blair Scott (S1) – 70m Hurdles

Aaron Flynn (S1) – Shot Putt

Silver Medals (9)

James Donald (S5) – 800m

Callum Bruce (S3) – High Jump

Cory McKenzie (S2) – 800m

Marc Forbes (S2) – High Jump

Cameron Christie (S2) – 1500m

Blair Scott (S1) – 800m

Sam Duncan (S1) – Shot Putt

Callum McCormack, Derek Johnston, Josh Barr, Callum Bruce (S3) – 4 x 100m Relay

Ben Tolmie, Lukasz Kowalski, Blair Scott, Nairn Bonnar (S1) – 4 x 100m Relay

Bronze Medals (9)

David Grant (S6) – Shot Putt

Callum Walls (S5) – 800m

Mitchell Hay (S4) – Javelin

Connor Downes (S4) – High Jump

Scott Oswald (S2) – 80m Hurdles

Cory McKenzie (S1) – 1500m

Lukasz Kowalski (S1) – Long Jump

Ben Tolmie (S1) – 100m

David Grant, Callum Walls, Max McIntosh, Ben Fraser (S4-6) – 4 x 100m Relay

Group A Boys (S4-6) – Overall 1st        Group B Boys (S3) – Overall 2nd

Group C Boys (S2) – Overall 3rd           Group D Boys (S1) – Overall 1st

Dundee Schools Athletics Championships Girls Medalists 2015


Gold Medals (6)

Alix Barclay-Beat (S3) – 300m and 800m

Holly Laing (S3) – High Jump

Heather Brand (S3) – Shot Putt and Discus

Ellie Flight (S1) – High Jump

Silver Medals (6)

Chloe Strachan (S2) – 1500m

Leah Gilbank (S2) – 75m Hurdles

Holly McGann (S2) – Shot Putt

Ellie Tosh (S2) – Long Jump

Kaela Fraser (S1) – 100m and Shot Putt

Bronze Medals (9)

Ellis Blair (S6) – Javelin

Megan Hamilton (S3) – 75m Hurdles

Alix Barclay-Beat (S3) – Long Jump

Holly McGann (S3) – High Jump

Courtney Airlie (S2) – Long Jump

Chloe Strachan (S2) – 800m

Samantha Stockman (S1) – 70m Hurdles and High Jump

Megan Hamilton, Leah Gilbank, Alix Barclay-Beat, Katie McCluskey (S3) –

4 x 100m Relay

Group A Girls (S4-6) – Overall 5th      Group B Girls (S3) – Overall 1st

Group C Girls (S2) – Overall 4th           Group D Girls (S1) – Overall 3rd  


James Donald

The picture attached was taken at an International 6,000 metre event held in Ireland in March 2015. This is the first time that James has represented Scotland, having already represented the East of Scotland many times.

James was 5th home out of the 8 Scottish athletes that were selected and finished 24th overall.

This was only 2 days after James won individual Gold, team Silver, and performance of the day at the Dundee School’s Cross Country at Baxter Park.

James trains with the Hawkhill Harriers Athletics Club and has been there for over 3 years now. His hard work and dedication to his sport have seen him continue to improve so that he can reach this level. He will now be looking to go even further.

Well done James.

If you would like any information on Hawkhill Harriers Athletics Club or any other sporting clubs then please speak to any member of the PE department.

Dundee Schools Cross Country

We took 69 pupils to Baxter park ready to compete with all other Dundee schools, including Dundee high school in the Cross Country Competition

 It is still to be confirmed but it is looking as though we have finished 1st overall!

We managed our best medal haul to date with EVERY one of our 7 teams getting a team medal of some description. In total we won 2 team gold, 3 team silver and 2 team bronze. This is outstanding and it is all down to hard work, determination-and a bit of talent.

We are so happy with the results. Let's keep getting better for next year!

Well done, not only to medal winners but to every person involved with the teams. You all played your part!

Click here for photos of the winners

S1-S3 Badminton League

Baldragon Academy have had a great run of wins recently and have also won the S1-3 badminton league. The successful pupils were Callum Turnbull, Callan McKenzie, Derek Johnston and Callum McCormack.

Dundee School Giant Heptathlon

Baldragon Academy won the Dundee Schools Giant Heptathlon 2 weeks ago and will be competing in the regional finals on the 10th March in Pitreavie. Well done to everyone who took part.

Scottish Athletics Championship

Blair Scott (S1) won a bronze medal in the Scottish Athletics Championship 2 weeks ago.

 He will also be racing on the 7th March in the Scottish Schools cross country with some more of our pupils, Callum Walls, James Donald, Ryan Donald, Jay Kidd, Cory McKenzie, Josh Barr. Then on the 18th March the Dundee Schools X-Country takes place where we hope to improve upon last years medal haul.

Scottish Schools Road Run

At the weekend 5 of our pupils competed nationally in the Scottish Schools Road Run.


The boys who took part are Blair Scott, Ryan Donald (s1). Blair finished 16th, Ryan Finished 22nd, Josh Barr, Callum McCormack (s3). Josh finished 29th, Callum finished 35th, James Donald (s5).
James was running a year above himself and has finished 3rd in Scotland. A great achievement. All of these boys except Josh Barr now attend the Hawkhill harriers.
We will certainly look forward to Dundee Schools Cross Country when it comes round at the beginning of March.
Well done boys! Fantastic results.

More Success in the PE Department

There has been more success in the PE Department over the last couple of weeks...

 We won the s1-3 indoor hockey league and then won the s4-6 indoor hockey league tonight. This is the 2nd year running that we have won these trophies and we are getting many pupils into hockey clubs outside school.

In addition to this we are sitting top of the s1-3 badminton league and the s4-6 badminton league with one round of fixtures to play.

S4-6 Indoor Hockey Winners S5/6 Runners Up


Dundee School Table Tennis

It's been a very busy and successful week for some of the pupils of Baldragon in the Dundee Sports competitions.

This week alone they have won the s1/2 giant heptahlon on Tuesday and then more success on wednesday where they won the s3+ Dundee schools table tennis and onThursday won the s1/2 dundee schools table tennis.Well done to all the pupils involved!

The photos below are from the two table tennis competitions.