Passport to Europe

On Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21th May, P7 pupils from Ardler, Downfield, Craigowl and Sidlaw View primaries took part in the Baldragon Academy ‘Passport to Europe’ event.

For the past few years, in the summer term, Baldragon Academy has welcomed P7 pupils from its associated Primaries for an action-packed fun event in which pupils are divided into teams bearing the name of a French town.  Each team is made up of pupils from the different primary schools and complete tasks by reading, writing, listening and speaking in French.

The aims of the day are to raise the profile of Modern Languages in Primary School, help the Primary/Secondary transition process, and promote foreign language and culture.

The event was organised and by Principal Teacher Alice Rhynd and Modern Languages staff: Chris McKeown and Gillian Macrosson with the assistance of S1 pupils who supported the teams of primary pupils.

Both days were a resounding success and all pupils enjoyed their time, sampling French food, making new friends, interacting in the foreign language and leaving with certificates and medals.