Study Skills

What is your Learning Style?

All of us have different ways in which we find it easy to take in information. It is important to take some time and work this out because it can make studying so much easier and can help us to adapt our note taking to our own individual style.

Auditory Learners - Learning by Listening

Auditory learners learn through listening to what others have to say and talking about what they’re learning. They’re also more likely to:
• Remember information by talking aloud to themselves or as part of a group discussion
• Are happy having things explained to them orally.
• May have trouble following instructions that are written down.

When it comes to researching and studying Auditory Learners may benefit from reading out the information found/being studied and recording them for future use. Discussions with friends/family about what you have found may also help. Auditory learners may struggle studying in silence.

Visual Learners - Learning by Seeing

Visual Learners learn through watching. They like to be able to see and illustrate what they have learnt. They may:
• Remember visual details
• Like to see what they are learning on a board, computer or notes.
• They may make lots of notes and illustrate any handouts given.
• They may like to write down their own notes from instructions given or a demonstration they have watched.
• These learners may have to see something being done before they understand how to do it themselves.

When it comes to researching and studying Visual Learners may benefit from writing their own notes from the information found (as we all should do). They may also prefer adding in their own pictures, mind maps and often use different coloured pens or highlighters to illustrate key points.

Tactile Learners – Learning by Doing

Tactile Learners learn through hands on activities and actually doing what is being talked about or learned.
They like to touch things in order to learn about them
They are often very expressive with their hands whilst talking
They may remember events by what happened rather than who said what.

When it comes to researching and studying even writing notes and physically walking between them placed on the floor might help. Tactile learners need to move around a lot so may to stand or stretch during periods or studying.
Even following a map, chart or flow chart round the page with their fingers may help them to remember information.