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Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) Project

This past term our senior pupils have been introduced to the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).

Through which they have been researching local charities and determining which charities they think are deserving of the £3000 donation from YPI. After our final yesterday a panel of judges found that David MacDonald, Sam Graham, Neil McDowall, Sean Thomson and Craig Low representing Downfield Mains Parish Church to be the worthy recipients of the very generous cheque from YPI. We are exceedingly proud of the hard work the sixth years have put into this project and each of the groups were highly commended by the judges yesterday at the final.  The boys then visited the church straight after the final to share the good news. The money used will contribute to the running of a community café, directly benefitting those who live in the local area. Well done boys!

Supporting local Charities

During this term our S3 elective RMPS class have organised and been running a foodbank collection in the school

We had been exploring charities that support the local area, our main focus was on the Dundee Foodbank. Pupils in the class were so touched by the work that is done there that they decided to help and have started a collection in the school. Pupils have been writing notices, hanging up posters and going around the school raising awareness. The class have been working exceptionally hard, this is evident by the amount of donations we have had so far! We would like to thank everyone who has supported this collection – we have been truly humbled by the amount of donations so far. 

S1 Nativity Project

S1 pupils have been learning about basic beliefs of Christianity this term in RME. Pupils were tasked with presenting the Nativity story in their own way showing what Christmas means to Christians.

We have been inundated with a number of fantastic projects some of which can be viewed here.

They were all very individual and unique. Congratulations to all pupils who took part and thanks to parents and carers for their support with this project.

A couple of special mentions go to Jamie Hay for his minecraft interpretation of the nativity story and also to Mrs Duley, Mr Rae and Mrs Cannon for being our celebrity judges!

Pupils from Baldragon meet the Archbishop of Canterbury

On Tuesday 25th November 2014, fourteen pupils were welcomed at St. Luke’s Church where there was a gathering to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Welby.

At. Luke’s Church is a new Church army project which is beginning to foster links with the local community. Our pupils were interested to learn that the Archbishop and the new team at St. Luke’s want to be more of a part of the community and to welcome local people including them to their church café on a Sunday morning.

The church wants to reach out to the community through giving support and to work towards creating a world where there is no need for food banks or refugee camps and there are enough resources for everyone.

Some of the pupils who met the Archbishop made the following comments …

“I went expecting to sit on hard wooden benches and got an easy chair to sit on. I enjoyed the cakes and listening to what those who came had to say. The Archbishop was an interesting man.”

“It was nice to meet him in person and to talk to him about ordinary things in our lives and his”

“I like it because you got free food and cups of tea and it was funny to hear the Archbishop talking about what he remembers of his school days. Although it was sad that the only thing he remembers is his headmaster falling down in Assembly. It made me think about what I will remember when I have left school ………. I guess I will remember the Tea and Cake and shaking hands with Justin Welby. An ordinary man with a big job”.

“Justin Welby spoke about a church in Africa, I think, where a bomb had put a hole in the church wall. The people still found time to go there to worship and to meet him. It kind of puts things in perspective.”

“We talked of life in this part of Dundee and of what I expect to be doing at Christmas. He was interested in me.”

“I want to thank you for coming and to get a selfie with him to prove to my friends I was there.”

To view pictures from this event click here.