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Visit from Craigowl Primary School

Pupils from P7A at Craigowl PS came and visited Baldragon this week.
A great time was had by all. They were separating a mixture of sand and salt using the techniques of filtration and evaporation.
They then got the chance to burn magnesium ribbon to make a compound.

Antibiotics Unearthed

A group of Baldragon pupils took part in a nationwide project called Antibiotics Unearthed.

It involved using soil samples to find bacteria which show antibiotic action working with Dundee and Angus College and The University of Dundee to identify the bacterias. Today 2 pupils presented a poster of their findings at the microbiology society annual conference. We were the only school in Scotland to be part of the project.

Well done to all the pupils involved. 

Click here for photos from the day.