School Aims and Values

At Baldragon Academy we are committed to fostering

  • Achievement
  • Respect
  • Recognition
  • Partnership


We are committed to fostering achievement in all our pupils. A significant area of achievement will be attainment through national qualifications for all our pupils. We will also foster achievement in its broader sense of encouraging success in all areas of life both individually and collectively. We are committed to lifelong learning.

We are committed to fostering respect between all members of the Baldragon community. Respect involves treating others in ways that we would like them to treat ourselves. On a practical level that can mean valuing other people, listening to their opinions, treating them fairly and being understanding of other faiths and beliefs.

We are committed to giving recognition to the contributions of all members of the Baldragon community. That can mean celebrating our successes individually and collectively. It can also mean acknowledging the good work of others wherever we find it.

We are committed to working with others to improve the life and well being of all in the Baldragon community. We want to share our aims and values with parents and with all the organisations and groups who impact on the life and work of the Baldragon community