Learning at Home

“Parents are the first and ongoing educators of their own children and, as such, should receive information and support to help develop their child’s learning at home and in the community” (Education Scotland, Parent and Carer Involvement)


At Baldragon Academy we have a project group who is working on creating a learning at home strategy and to compile materials which are suitable for this purpose.

Learning at home is about using parent interaction to broaden the pupil’s experience. Parents do not require any subject specific knowledge and are not required to teach anything, simply to try different activities that can help to support their child’s learning. This will

  • Increase communication between parent and pupil
  • Encourage shared experiences
  • Give pupils an increased general knowledge allowing them to contribute more easily to discussions in class
  • Increase the links between learning and life
  • Increase parents awareness of topics pupils are studying in school
  • Increase opportunities for parents to support their child’s learning
  • Provide manageable ideas and activities which can be built into everyday life.


You may have a variety of reasons for looking at these pages – You may feel that your child is struggling in a subject and you want to help, your child may be extremely interested in a subject and you want to support that, you want to get an idea of what they are learning currently at school or you just want some activities from a variety of subjects to encourage them to talk about what they are doing at school and to support them.