Curriculum and Course Choice

S2 into S3 course choice 2021-22


S2 to S3 Personalisation and Choice Handbook 2021-22         

This booklet describes the course available in S3 and gives some advice about factors to consider when making specialist choices. 

S2 into S3 course choice form   


S2 course choice presentation 


S3 into S4 course choice presentation                          

Senior phase course choice 2021-22

You can access information regarding senior phase course choices, choices at Dundee and Angus College,apprenticeships, future skills and course choice forms for all senior years.

Senior Phase Booklet 2021 / 2022

Two helpful documents below from the Maths Department on the difference between some of courses they offer. 

Difference between National 4 Mathematics and National 4 Applications of Mathematics. 

Difference between National 5 Mathematics and National 5 Applications of Mathematics. 

S4 into S5 into S6 course choice presentation

How to guide course choice sway presentation

Why Study RE Leaflet 


Dundee College Offer 

Dundee College Senior Phase Information

Dundee College Summary

Foundation apprenticeships

Future Skills booklet

Future Skills Powerpoint

Future Skills Application 

Senior Phase course choice forms