Additional Resources


Design a LOGO for a Country Café in Glen Isla on pencil and paper. Remember the LOGO you designed for the Dundee Coffee shop, it should have IMPACT and should be high quality. You will be expected to bring the design into School and scan onto a computer.


Design an advertising poster for a Coffee Shop with pencil and paper. It should include a menu of 6 different types of coffee with prices Cookies and cupcakes. You will be expected to redraw this on Photoshop when you return to school.


Research how computers have an impact on the environment. Especially how fossil fuels are used to produce a computer. Write a short report about how an iPad can possibly destroy a community in Pakistan. Access YouTube and search “environment poison due to computers Pakistan”.

S4 Computing Science National 4 and 5

Access WebCal and read over the Database and Website sections and write out Questions with answers and submit to Mr Norman when arriving back at school.

S5/S5 Computing Science National 5 and 6

Access WebCal and become aware of the Software Development Process. Do the appropriate questions and submit to Mr Norman when arriving back at class.