Active Schools Dundee

Active schools work in partnership with schools to create sport and physical activity opportunities for all. These opportuites allow our children and Young People to be “more active, more often” and help to increase mental and physical wellbeing as well as developing friendship groups and leadership skills.

Within Baldragon Academy our cluster Active School Coordinator Mark Brash is based within the PE department. Our Active School Coordinator works with school staff and the wider community to:

· Increase the quality and range of opportunities for our young people to participate in sport before school, during lunch time and after school.

· Increase the number of young people accessing leadership roles, encouraging, and supporting each individual to reach their full potential.

With the support of Active Schools, Baldragon Academy offers a range of wider school sport opportunities. These include football, multisport, dance, fitness, hockey, basketball, swimming, girls only sessions, ice skating and much more.

Baldragon Academy offers three different leadership programmes that our young people can get involved in:

· Sports Leaders UK SCQF Level 5 Qualification in Community Sports Leadership (S6)

This programme sees our S6 leaders trained to deliver sport session’s, that are then delivered in our Primary schools. Young people undertaking a qualification in Sports Leadership will learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication and organisation whilst learning to lead basic physical activities to younger people, their peers, within the community.

· Young Ambassadors

The Young Ambassador programme was developed as a progression to enable dedicated, motivated and inspiring Young Ambassadors the opportunity to shape the training for the new Young Leaders not only in cluster but throughout Dundee.

The Young Ambassador programme is one of Active Schools flagship programmes where young people are heard, valued and can influence decision making where they can drive change in our school and the local community.

Our Young Ambassadors have 2 key overarching role:

To promote sport and motivate and inspire other young people to get involved in sport in a wide range of settings within our local community, including our schools, clubs and organisations.

To influence six key aspects of School Sport:

· Extra-Curricular sport provision

· Links to community sport opportunities

· Opportunities for competition

· Celebration of pupil achievements in sport

· Leadership opportunities for young people

· PE in School

This programme also recruits new pupils every academic year, providing our pupils the opportunity to become more involved in school sport and giving them the chance to gain valuable knowledge and experience in sport and development.


Sports Leadership Academy

The Sports Leadership Academy is a programme designed to support school pupils to develop their skills and experience through sports coaching and officiating, enhancing skills for life and work. The project combines sports qualifications or awards with practical experience in a school or club setting, providing vital skills to help pupils flourish in education and employment.


Our Active Schools Coordinator is Mark Brash and is based within the P.E department.


M: 07985873756