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Chemistry - what does that mean to you? Some think of the chemist's shop in the High Street, some think of the great scientific discoveries of the past -such as penicillin or nylon - some think of the problems caused by pollution, so visible in rivers and in the air. Well, try to think of a world without any chemistry. With none of the things made by chemists and chemical engineers over the last hundred years. Imagine your bathroom with no toothpaste, shampoo, hair gel or make-up. In your bedroom you have no plastics for playstations or computers and no polyester clothes. The walls have no paint or wallpaper, there is no nylon carpet, and you will probably have no the curtains either. If you feel ill, there is no aspirin, ibuprofen or even cough mixture. Go to hospital and there are no anaesthetics, drugs or cleansing agents to keep the ward clean. Mind you - you will have to go the hospital by horse as there will be no petrol for the car. Chemistry impacts our lives everyday in countless ways we don't even notice.




Ms C Wilson (PT)

Mrs A Niblock



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