Additional Resources


Science in the News

Look at different news websites to find out an interesting article in science recently and make a poster. This poster should give information about the discovery and what this could mean to society. 

Keep checking the Science Glow Site. 



FInd the name of a famous scientist. Make a poster showing their contribution/invention to science. Keep checking the science Glow site. 



1. Uses of fertliser in the modern world. 

      Why do we need fertiliser?

      What does a fertiliser contain that plants need?

      What are the environmental issues with too much fertlliser?

2. Effects of Acid Rain

   What is acid rain and how is it produced?

   WHat environmental issues does acid rain cause?


Mr Whartons class - Can walk through exam style questions from textbook ( at least 2 questions per day)

Mrs Niblock - Research the following about plastics:

                              Find out the names of plastics and what they are used for. 

                              Problems with pollution

                              How plastics can be recycled. 


Pupils have textbooks at home so they can work through end of course questions. P208 - at least two per day.